Where to Get a Baby Scan Manchester

Gone are the days where the gender of the child was a surprise even to the parents of the child. One used to buy preparation clothes that are gender neutral. Now there are baby scan clinics all over the city of Manchester if one wants to determine the gender of the child before birth or to determine whether both the mother and the baby are safe during during pregnancy. There is no need now to consult a spiritualist to know the gender of the baby. Some of the baby scan clinics in Manchester include Lollipop 4D baby scans,My baby company, Manchester Baby Scan Clinic and Ultra- Sound Direct and many more clinics. Where should one get a baby scan Manchester?

Some services the baby scan that you can get are early pregnancy scans, early dating scan, gender scan services, growth scans, nuchal translucency scans, 3D/4D scans and HD live.

Baby Scan Manchester

Early Pregnant Scan Services

This scan is meant to general confirm the pregnancy. In some clinics the early pregnant scan can be done as early as the 6th week of pregnancy. In some clinics this scan can only be done after 10 weeks of pregnancy. It does not only confirm the pregnancy but also shows the number of children in the pregnancy. At this stage one will know whether she has a single baby or twins. These scans are usually carried in 2D. Parents are usually advised at this stage to adopt a health diet to protect the baby and the mother. The advice usually goes beyond health eating but also living a health lifestyle. The average price for this scan is £100 in Manchester.

Early Dating Scan Services

This scan as the name suggest, is meant to determine the date of the pregnancy and gestation. This usually takes place between 12 and 17 weeks. From this scan one can estimate her day of delivery. At this stage 4D images can be viewed in most clinics. The average price for this scan is £100.

Nuchal Translucency Scans

It measures the fluid behind the neck of the baby. It is used to test whether the baby has down syndrome or other chromosomal diseases. It is also a called Nuchal Test. It also shows the dates of the baby and it is usually combined with a blood test. The results are usually out after 3 to 5 days. This scan is usually done in the period 11- 17 weeks of the pregnancy. Instead of taking the early dating scan test, this is usually the best to take as it shows all the results of early dating scan test plus testing for chromosomal developments on the baby. The average price for this scan is £200.

Gender scan services

As the name implies this scan is meant to tell the sex of the child. At this stage one will know whether to expect a girl or a boy. It is usually after 15 weeks going on. This one is usually cheaper going for any average £60 for one baby and £95 for twins. No wonder it
pushed fortune tellers out of market in this field.

Growth Scan

This one usually takes place at 16 to 25 weeks. It is meant to check if the child is doing well in terms of growth. It measures the length of the child including all the body parts. A report is usually given to the parent to take home. The average cost for this scan in the city of Manchester is £180.

3D/4D Bonding baby scans

Sometimes it is known as the wellness scan. It shows the wellness of the baby, the height of the child, whether the child is in a proper position in the womb. The placenta position is checked at this time. The scan is usually taken at 24- 36 weeks because the baby at this time will be full developed. Images of the child moving can be seen on a high definition screen. Some call it meeting the baby before she or he is delivered. The average price of this baby scan in Manchester is £150.

Baby Scan Manchester


These are the scan services that one can get in many of the baby scan clinics in the Manchester. With scan clinics in the city of Manchester having the state of art equipment to determine the welfare of the baby there is no more need of guessing the gender of the child. If you are expecting just drive to one the baby scan clinics.