Edmonton Physio And Sports Injury

Optimize Physio are an outstanding Edmonton physio and sport injury clinic. Their staffs are dedicated to being able to provide rehabilitation services to those in West Edmonton. They like to be able to pride themselves on creating an environment which has a relaxing but professional atmosphere; this is because they want to be able to ensure they have strong relationships with all of their patients and be able to offer them the best care. They have a selection of well trained and experienced physiotherapists; their physiotherapists are able to treat many different injuries and other conditions. A few of the injuries this Edmonton physio provider can treat include arthritis, tendonitis and work related injuries. They offer many different services including motor vehicle accident, nutrition counselling and fracture/surgery rehab. This Edmonton physio and sports injury clinic is owned by Arri and Aaron. Both of them work as physiotherapists at the clinic. Arri graduated from the University of Alberta in 2010 with a master’s of science in Physical therapy. He has also received a bachelor of science in Biopsychology from the University of Victoria in 2007. Aaron graduated from the University of Alberta with a master’s of science in physical therapy and a Bachelor of Science degree in biology.

One of the services this Edmonton physio and sports injury clinic offer is for motor vehicle accidents. If you have recently been involved in a motor vehicle accident you should contact your insurance provider to report the accident and begin a claim. An adjuster will then be assigned to your case to help guide you through the process. They offer advanced fitness rehab as one of their treatments. This is because due to being clinicians they can no longer rely on just their typical physiotherapy assessment. They constantly adapt their assessment and treatment techniques accordingly. They have access to a range of equipment such as a pull-up bar, climbing ropes and a rowing machine. This allows them to analyze pain, mobility issues, and more. Another service that they offer is for if you’re recovering from a recent fracture or surgery, this is their fracture/surgery rehab. You will be able to get direct access to physiotherapy without a doctor’s note. Although, often in the case of a fracture or surgery it is important for your physiotherapist to communicate with your doctor to ensure that optimal interventions are being used.