Spider Vein Treatment

If you have noticed that you have small veins on the back of your legs that look like spider webs, you are probably dealing with spider veins. While they are not dangerous, they are cosmetically unappealing and they make the back of your legs look bad.

You might not want to wear shorts when you have spider veins and the make you very self-conscious. Spider veins can cause pain and they can also make your legs hurt at time. Sometimes you can cover them up with makeup, but they can still be seen. Other times, your veins may cause pain and your legs can throb.

Spider veins are often caused by sitting too long and they make your legs ache. They pain is often worse when you sit for a long time and sometimes the veins can itch. You can try to manage the veins yourself by wearing compression stockings and you can also exercise and keep your legs elevated to cope with them. If you are taking care of your legs and your symptoms are still bad you should consider seeing doctor.

A doctor can rule out any circulation issues. Women are more prone to getting spider veins and they can also happen when you are pregnant. The older you are, the more likely you are to get them and being overweight can contribute to spider veins. You might also get them if they run in your family and you sit and stand for long periods.

Your doctor can diagnose spider veins by an examination and if you have them, you can have a surgical procedure that will reduce their appearance by reducing the blood supply to your veins. Spider veins are actually very easy to treat and insurance will sometimes cover the cost of spider vein treatment. Other times you will need to pay for it yourself because the insurance company considers them a cosmetic treatment.

Wearing compression stockings can reduce the appearance of spider veins and you can also use a special concealer for your legs to reduce their appearance. Spider veins are more of a nuisance than anything else and they can be annoying when you get them. You don’t want to walk around with big veins on the back of your legs, so you definitely want to get them treated so you can wear shorts and bathing suits. Spider veins are easy to treat.