On Chronic Lyme Disease

When people are experiencing chronic Lyme disease, it means that they are not able to recover from a disease when they are taking their antibiotics. Nothing seems to work to help ease these people’s symptoms. They cannot recover thoroughly and therefore they are still sick.

Chronic Lyme Disease Is Different Than Regular Lyme Disease

They can have a lot of different illnesses with chronic Lyme disease and it doesn’t have a scientific cause for it. It should not be confused with regular Lyme disease which is caused by an infection from Borrelia burgdorferi or from the after-effects of the treatment of it. It is totally different.

The Symptoms Of Chronic Lyme Disease

Here are two of the most common symptoms that come along with chronic Lyme disease. They are muscle aches and fatigue. They might be due to chronic fatigue syndrome in some of the people that are found to be suffering from the ailment. If it is not dealt with, it can lead to arthritis and other types of ailments where a person will likely have a lot of pain.

People Really Suffer When They Have Chronic Lyme Disease

People really suffer from chronic Lyme disease. They receive the label of it so that it is known that they are not making up the symptoms that they are suffering from.

Since it is like chronic fatigue syndrome in many ways, chronic Lyme disease is almost a misdiagnosis. The people that have it generally have chronic fatigue syndrome and they can feel tired all of the time. They also deal with a lot of pain and they are miserable much of the time. People that suffer from it should visit their doctor to see what can be done for them. Anything will help them in the short and long term.